Speed Bag EV

Ideal for wrapping and mailing newspapers and magazines, catalogues and wholesale publications, manuals and any commercial printed materials,  in single or multipackHalf-automatic, easy to use: the only thing the operator has to do is simply to feed products vertically into the metal “throat of a shirt“ in fact the whole machine cycle is fully automatical. The bag width is adjusted accorging the product  width through the metal “throat“, a photocell senses the top and the bottom of the product and switches on the film-unwinding device so that a bag is formed around the product.

The bag is then sealed and cut accordingto the product length. Compact and really unexpensive machine which is essential for do-it-by-yourself maiing.

  • Vertical feeding
  • Two way of working: Manual or Automatic with unit-counter
  • Digital control panel
  • Independent sealing-bars; sealing-time and temperature controlled by PCB
  • Minimum bag dimensions: 50 x 140 mm; thickness 1mm
  • Maximum bag dimensions: up to 350 x 270 mm; thickness 12 mm
  • Pneumatic movement, air-compressor inside
  • Motorized film-unwinding
  • Wide table-top for products
  • Motorized output conveyor belt on request

The machine works with transparent or printed LLDPE (thickness 15 ÷ 40)

Machine made according to CE rules.


Tensiune alimentare 230 V
1 PH
50 Hz
Dimensiuni L x H x W 930 x 1150 x 640 mm
Dimensiuni minime pachet L x H x W 50 x 1 x 140 mm
Dimensiuni maxime pachet L x H x W 350 x 12 x 270 mm
Putere 1000 W
Greutate netă mașină 100 Kg
Film folosit: LLDPE (transparent / printat) 15 – 40 µ
Productivitate Până la 1200 pph *

(*) Pachete pe oră. Productivitatea poate varia în funcție de mărimea sau configurația pachetului și tipul filmului folosit.